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A fallen tree barricaded the street in a small town in New Jersey after a storm. Will My Homeowners Insurance Drop Me If I Make a Claim?

October 24, 2023

Will My Homeowners Insurance Drop Me if I Make a Claim?

Learn the factors that can lead to non-renewal or cancellation of your homeowners insurance, how to get homeowners insurance after being dropped, and your rights when it comes to homeowners insurance cancellations.

May 24, 2023

Do I need separate insurance for my AirBNB or home-share?

If you want to bring in some extra money by renting out all or part of your property through AirBnB, VRBO, or other home-share options, you may need a separate insurance policy to cover things like extreme weather, natural disasters, and theft or vandalism.

May 24, 2023

Why you should consider renter’s insurance

Renter’s insurance helps protect you from financial loss due to theft, damage and destruction from fires, extreme weather and more. But that's not all. Learn the facts about renters insurance for NJ renters from Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents in New Jersey.

May 10, 2023

New Jersey insurance rates for 2023 — What you need to know

Why are NJ insurance rates going up in 2023? Numerous laws have changed effecting coverage minimums which in turn affect premiums. Here are some of the changes in New Jersey. 2023 may be a great time to shop around for a new insurance policy provider!

Young woman driving red car. 10 Insurance Myths Debunked.

February 23, 2023

10 Insurance Myths Debunked

10 Insurance Myths Debunked: Get the facts about insurance coverage. From Auto Insurance and Home Insurance to Renters Insurance and Business Insurance, learn what's true and what's just a myth about insurance coverage options