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Homeowners Policy Coverages

Your Homeowners Policy May Not Cover Everything You Think

Lines of Insurance

Up to a certain point, homeowners insurance protects your home and contents from perils and your assets from liability claims. But in worst-case scenarios — where the peril is excluded from coverage, the costs to replace/repair is above limits, or higher deductibles are required — standard coverage may fall short.

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New Jersey insurance FAQ

FAQ: Is Business Insurance Required in New Jersey?

Ask an Agent

Wondering if business insurance is mandatory in New Jersey? Check out this FAQ with an expert independent insurance agent about what aspects of business insurance are required, when, and why. Work with a New Jersey independent insurance agent to get your business set up with the right protection for your unique needs.

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How to prepare for a hurricane in NJ

How to Prepare for a Hurricane in New Jersey


News of an impending hurricane can be stressful, but having a checklist of action steps in hand can be a life saver. Before the storm ever hits, take these essential precautions to protect your home and assets from damage or destruction. It all starts with reviewing your insurance coverage, and a New Jersey agent can help.

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