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Damage from Hurricane Sandy in Mantoloking, NJ. What Should I Do Right After a Hurricane in New Jersey?

What Should I Do Right after a Hurricane in New Jersey?

After you've made sure that your family and pets are safe, how do you start rebuilding your life after a New Jersey hurricane? Having the right homeowners insurance can help reimburse you for necessary repairs and rebuilding after a hurricane. Take these steps and contact a New Jersey independent insurance agent.

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Tree falls on neighbors property during hurricane. My Neighbor's Property Damaged Mine During a Hurricane: Who's Responsible?

My Neighbor's Property Damaged Mine during a Hurricane: Who's Responsible?

Understand the coverages you receive for a hurricane with New Jersey home insurance and car insurance. Wind, hail, flood, and storm coverage are all important coverages to have in your New Jersey insurance. Learn which policies you need to receive coverage against hurricanes and other potentially catastrophic events.

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Traffic jam on the rainy day. If There Is a Car Accident During a Hurricane, Who's Responsible?

If There Is a Car Accident during a Hurricane, Who's Responsible?

An act of God can cause serious damage to your vehicle, but if it blows your vehicle into someone else's do you have to pay or do they? New Jersey car insurance can protect you from hurricane damage but you need to have comprehensive insurance coverage and other policies. Compare insurance costs and coverages in New Jersey.

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Roofer dismantling roof shingles. How to protect yourself from roofing insurance scams in New Jersey.

How to Protect Yourself from Shady Roofing Insurance Scams in New Jersey

Sometimes crooks take advantage of you by portraying themselves as legitimate roofing contractors when in fact they're just out to scam you. Protecting yourself from roofing insurance scams starts with having the right New Jersey homeowners insurance. But you can also follow this guide to simple tips to protect yourself.

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How to prevent cyber crime - NJ

Important Steps to Prevent Cybercrime in New Jersey

Whether you're an individual or a business, if you use computers you're at risk of being a cybercrime target. Cyberattacks can be costly or even traumatic, so it's important to know how to prevent them from happening in the first place. Check out this guide to preventing cybercrimes before they happen so you can stay safe.

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