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What does umbrella insurance cover in NJ

October 28, 2020

What Does New Jersey Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Personal policies like homeowners and auto insurance provide some built-in liability coverage, but these limits aren't always high enough. That's where umbrella policies come in to pick up the slack. To protect yourself against large liability claims, work with a NJ independent insurance agent to get an umbrella policy.

What does professional liability insurance cover - NJ

October 15, 2020

What Does Professional Liability Insurance Cover in New Jersey?

Running a business is a risky operation no matter how careful you are. Working with a New Jersey independent insurance agent is the best way to get your business set up with all the protection it needs, which means a professional liability insurance policy. But first, here’s a closer look at this crucial coverage.

Title slide for video about Pet Insurance in New Jersey

August 19, 2020

Pet Insurance: Is it Worth the Money?

Is Pet Insurance worth it? Emergency dog or cat care can exceed $10,000 without pet insurance. Learn how an insurance plan for your dog, cat, bird or other pet can bring peace of mind and lessen the strain on your finances if your beloved pet is ill or injured.

Three Ways to Protect Your Identity Infographic

July 17, 2020

Identity Theft Tips: How to Protect Your Information

Cyber crime and identity theft tips from insurance experts. Do you know what to do if you're the victim of identity theft? Cybercrime and identity theft are the fastest growing crimes in America. Get tips for protecting your personal information, recovering from identity theft, and available insurance coverage.

March 13, 2020

E-bike Insurance: the Future is Now for Electric Bicycles and Scooters

Electric bicycles offer environmentally-friendly convenience. They can also be expensive, faster, and heavier than traditional bikes, making e-bike riders more vulnerable to theft, damage and liability. That's where affordable e-bike insurance comes in!